Thursday, July 30, 2009

Wild and Crazy Hormones

Nobody every fully explains just how many changes your body goes through during pregnancy and after. It isn’t just growing a baby for 9 months, and then maybe feeding them, possibly for another year. It’s not just about your stomach being softer or your boobs sagging. It really is more than that.

I’m sure it’s different for every woman, but for me, 16 months after having my second baby, my body seems to have reset itself. My body is acting like a teenager who just started getting her period. It’s irregular, and the cramping, OMG, the cramping. I never had cramping as a teenager, but apparently my body has decided to make up for that.

When my body suddenly started freaking out, and doing things it didn’t normal do, especially while on the pill, I went to the doctor. They did blood work and an ultrasound and declared me perfectly fine. I really was hoping there was a medical explanation beyond wild and crazy hormones.

It’s especially bad at night. After a day of working and taking care of my boys, I’m physically exhausted and more prone to high amounts of pain. Not much seems to help either – warm baths, heating pads, Tylenol, Advil, Midol…. It really sucks. I’m also a little emotionally unstable, the result, of course, of those wild and crazy hormones. They are partying hard core.

Unfortunately, the only advice the doctor can give is to go through a couple more cycles and schedule an appointment to discuss possibly change the pill that I’m on. Not really the diagnosis I was hoping for. However, I’m sure that the teenagers suffering through bad cramps hope for more too.

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