Monday, July 20, 2009

Kid Movies

I'll admit. I like kid movies. Especially the animated ones. Plus most of them are in 3D now, which is really cool. I also love Harry Potter. So after those confessions it shouldn't surprise you that I saw both Harry Potter and Ice Age (in 3D!) this weekend.

Friday I took an early day from work and Oscar and I went out to lunch and then saw Harry Potter, which I really enjoyed. Yes, it doesn't follow the book exactly, but then movies based on books rarely do. It was still a very good movie. However, I have started rereading the book just to remind myself what was different and what was left out.

On Sunday we met up with a friend of Gabe's and her dad to see Ice Age. Nick should have fallen asleep on the way to the theater or even strolling to the theater from the garage, but he didn't. He also found the movie a little scary, so Oscar and I took turns pushing him around the theater. The parts of the movie I did see were cute. I would like to know where I can get a baby woolly mammoth for a pet, because she was really cute.

Gabe is getting so much better about sitting through movies, he still gets a little restless, but usually he's enjoying the movie too much to get restless. Also, it helps having a friend there, since he tends to imitate their behavior. After the movie his friend wanted us to come over - her mom just had a baby a month ago - but it was too late in the day, plus her mom was sleeping, so we didn't want to intrude.


I'm very frustrated with my exercise routine. I was doing good and then got side-lined with being sick, and really not the kind that you can work through with exercise. And of course, I tend to be one of those all or nothing kind of people. If I fall off the exercise wagon, I also tend to fall off the diet wagon.

Plus there are some nights where I'm so exhausted I don't have the energy to exercise and do my homework. Since my homework is not optional if I want to pass my classes, the exercise often gets skipped so that I can put together a semi-coherent sentence. Some times I wish I could just quit school, but I've made it this far, and then once I'm done I'll be so proud of what I've accomplished. And I know it will get harder as the boys get older. It's just really hard now.

I'm not getting much sleep, and in addition to working full time, I'm raising two small children and going to school. It's a lot. Some days it feels like too much. And on top of it I try to add exercise and eating healthy. I have tons of exercise videos, and a very nice treadmill. There's no reason I can't work out. I just often lack the motivation to do it. Sometimes I just want to relax. Curl up with a good book or a tabloid (personal fave: US Weekly) and relax.

Unfortunately those moments are few and far between. Plus, I still need to work in time to exercise.

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