Monday, April 27, 2009

First Haircut

Today Nick got his first haircut. It was traumatic to say the least. I felt bad, since we didn't actually go to the salon to get Nick's hair cut. We went to finally get Gabe's cut, since it was getting quite long and becoming a mop. Also, lots of people had been commenting on the length of his hair. We had yet to cut it, because Gabe kept insisting he wanted to grow it long, and Oscar wanted to respect his wishes.

The reason Gabe agreed to have his head shaved today (he looks adorable with a buzz cut) is because Oscar said he would shave his hair if Gabe shaved his. We decided to also get Nick's cut, since we were there and his bangs were starting to fall in his eyes. Nick's hair did not get shaved, just cleaned up around the edges.

That, of course, was the hard part for the stylist. Nick was crying and shaking so hard because the strange lady with the clippers and scissors scared him. She had difficulty getting it even, especially in the back. I felt so bad for Nick and the stylist. He was just so upset. Gabe was the same way for quite a while when it came to getting his hair cut. Dumdum lollipops helped him get over it.

I think those lollipops are something stylists and barbers are required to have. My grandpa, who recently passed away, always had those lollipops in his barber shop. Also, at his house. I really think they make a big difference in how a child responds to a haircut. Unfortunately, Nick is still too little for lollipops, even though he would happily have had one.

Oscar cleaned up the back of Nick's hair when we got home, but otherwise it looked really good. We have family pictures coming up in June, and I wanted to get the big haircuts out the way early, although we will will probably have both cleaned up before then. Oscar, of course, was not happy about cutting all his hair off again (not that it was that long to begin with), but he'd do anything for Gabe, and that made Gabe very happy.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Soccer Starts

Gabe started soccer today, which is something I was a little apprehensive about. Even with Oscar as the coach. Gabe has problems listening and following directions, which is something that is required to succeed in learning how to play soccer. Also, Oscar had to pay attention to all the kids on the field, and I had to pay attention to Nick, so who was paying attention to Gabe?

He did find the soccer coach provided by the county fascinating. All the U4 teams have a coach from a soccer academy based out of Maryland. These coaches are the ones actually teaching the kids soccer skills. Oscar is really just there to help corral the kids. Any ways, the coach for our team this season is a cute perky blond, who also happens to be Canadian, not that that has any relevance. Gabe refused to talk to her, even though he like her, which is common with people he doesn't know.

When he's actually doing what he's supposed to be doing on the field he's not bad, but he often is not doing what he's supposed to be doing. He's running off the field for water or not paying attention or lagging behind everyone else. When I was able to pay attention, rather than placate an irritated Nick, I was able to encourage him to participate beyond what Oscar was doing on the the field.

Unfortunately, I spent most of my time placating an irritated Nick who didn't understand why he couldn't play with the balls on the field, and oh hey look rocks, let's see how they taste, hey I'm hungry, I want milk, no a snack, no milk... yep, really fun.

Afterwards Oscar and I put the boys in the car for a much delayed nap for Nick and, eventually, a nap for Gabe too. It usually takes Gabe forever to fall asleep on car rides, and he usually only does so after much protesting, even if he really needs it. I enjoy going for drives in the afternoons. The boys sleep and Oscar and I drive around neighborhoods and talk about houses and [maybe] more children.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

First Dentist Appointment

Today Nick had his first dental appointment. And he has a grand total of four teeth. Four! And he is almost 13 months. He did very well, although he was a little leery of having a strangers put their fingers in his mouth. They did not take any x-rays, probably becuase he is so little.

It was actually more painful for Gabe, since he had to sit and wait for so long and was not able to really do anything. He did, however, get Nick's "prize". Normally he chooses to get the token so he can get something out of the little prize machines, but today he chose to pick something out of the treasure chest. His pick was a miniature container of playdoh.

We were told to use a tiny dab of fluoride toothpaste on Nick's toothbrush. Also, we are to start using it for Gabe. We had been told previously not to use it for babies, and also not to use it if they were still swallowing their toothpaste, but our dentist told us that guidelines regarding fluoride toothpaste and children had recently changed.

Gabe is getting really good at brushing his own teeth, and flossing, although he dies need a little help for his back teeth. He is growing up so quickly, and he is able to do so many things on his own, even if he would prefer to have Oscar or my MIL or me do it for him. It's so hard to accept that he is no longer a baby. My baby has been replaced by a little boy.

Nick still isn't huge on having his teeth brushed, although he does like to play with the tooth brush on his own. I had been brushing his teeth at bath time, like we do with Gabe. However, since he does get a bottle of milk before bed, our dentist wants us to brush his teeth after he finishes his bottle, and then no more milk at night.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Hunting Eggs

We have reached the last first for Nick. His first Easter, which being in April, came after his 1stl birthday. He loved it. We put most of his eggs in his Easter basket (mostly filled with Fisher Price Little People or Sesame Street characters, but a few had money). He also got a couple of stuffed animals, a couple small age-appropriate and a light up duck, which he thought was great. Although, I think he was more interested in the eggs than their contents.

In addition to eggs, Gabe also got jelly beans and M&Ms. Most of his eggs had Matchbox cars in them, which he really liked, as we have never bought him cars before. We've been pretty strict about following the age recommendations on toys. His favorite car was the Lightening McQueen car. He loved hunting around our house for the eggs and then eagerly opening them to see what they contained. He had such a good time! I loved watching him; it just drove home one of the greatest joys of the holiday - the exuberant joy that can only be displayed by a child.

After Gabe hunted for eggs we had breakfast - Oscar picked up McDonalds. Afterwards we got Gabe ready for church. He goes with my MIL every Sunday, and he really is enjoying it. Eventually, once we are settled, Oscar and I plan to find a church that we all can go to . However, we are not there yet. Right now, I am just glad that Gabe has the opportunity to go and wants to go. If he did not want to go, we certainly would not make him.

We went over to my MIL's for a late lunch and more Easter egg hunting. We picked up Boston Market for everybody on the way over, so that my MIL wouldn't have to cook, although she did make a bunch of deviled eggs, because Oscar loves them. Some of the eggs were from cracked eggs that Gabe had decorated earlier in the week. He was so proud of his eggs. He picked out his decorating kit this year - Marvel Superheroes.

Oscar and I helped hide the eggs in the backyard - all these eggs had money in them. Nick even "helped" look, although it was more coaching from Mommy on where to look, than Nick actually finding eggs. He enjoyed it though. Gabe had so much fun. After he found all his eggs, he wanted to hide them again and have us look for them. We got a lot of great pictures, even some cute family ones. Although when they will ever make it into an album, I'm not sure, but at least I have them.