Monday, April 27, 2009

First Haircut

Today Nick got his first haircut. It was traumatic to say the least. I felt bad, since we didn't actually go to the salon to get Nick's hair cut. We went to finally get Gabe's cut, since it was getting quite long and becoming a mop. Also, lots of people had been commenting on the length of his hair. We had yet to cut it, because Gabe kept insisting he wanted to grow it long, and Oscar wanted to respect his wishes.

The reason Gabe agreed to have his head shaved today (he looks adorable with a buzz cut) is because Oscar said he would shave his hair if Gabe shaved his. We decided to also get Nick's cut, since we were there and his bangs were starting to fall in his eyes. Nick's hair did not get shaved, just cleaned up around the edges.

That, of course, was the hard part for the stylist. Nick was crying and shaking so hard because the strange lady with the clippers and scissors scared him. She had difficulty getting it even, especially in the back. I felt so bad for Nick and the stylist. He was just so upset. Gabe was the same way for quite a while when it came to getting his hair cut. Dumdum lollipops helped him get over it.

I think those lollipops are something stylists and barbers are required to have. My grandpa, who recently passed away, always had those lollipops in his barber shop. Also, at his house. I really think they make a big difference in how a child responds to a haircut. Unfortunately, Nick is still too little for lollipops, even though he would happily have had one.

Oscar cleaned up the back of Nick's hair when we got home, but otherwise it looked really good. We have family pictures coming up in June, and I wanted to get the big haircuts out the way early, although we will will probably have both cleaned up before then. Oscar, of course, was not happy about cutting all his hair off again (not that it was that long to begin with), but he'd do anything for Gabe, and that made Gabe very happy.

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