Saturday, April 18, 2009

Soccer Starts

Gabe started soccer today, which is something I was a little apprehensive about. Even with Oscar as the coach. Gabe has problems listening and following directions, which is something that is required to succeed in learning how to play soccer. Also, Oscar had to pay attention to all the kids on the field, and I had to pay attention to Nick, so who was paying attention to Gabe?

He did find the soccer coach provided by the county fascinating. All the U4 teams have a coach from a soccer academy based out of Maryland. These coaches are the ones actually teaching the kids soccer skills. Oscar is really just there to help corral the kids. Any ways, the coach for our team this season is a cute perky blond, who also happens to be Canadian, not that that has any relevance. Gabe refused to talk to her, even though he like her, which is common with people he doesn't know.

When he's actually doing what he's supposed to be doing on the field he's not bad, but he often is not doing what he's supposed to be doing. He's running off the field for water or not paying attention or lagging behind everyone else. When I was able to pay attention, rather than placate an irritated Nick, I was able to encourage him to participate beyond what Oscar was doing on the the field.

Unfortunately, I spent most of my time placating an irritated Nick who didn't understand why he couldn't play with the balls on the field, and oh hey look rocks, let's see how they taste, hey I'm hungry, I want milk, no a snack, no milk... yep, really fun.

Afterwards Oscar and I put the boys in the car for a much delayed nap for Nick and, eventually, a nap for Gabe too. It usually takes Gabe forever to fall asleep on car rides, and he usually only does so after much protesting, even if he really needs it. I enjoy going for drives in the afternoons. The boys sleep and Oscar and I drive around neighborhoods and talk about houses and [maybe] more children.

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