Monday, July 27, 2009

Bowling and Other Exercise

I really miss my house. So many of the weekends this summer have been spent at locations other than home. This weekend we went out to dinner on Friday, to the country house Saturday through Sunday morning, and then bowling Sunday afternoon. The important part is that the boys had a good time, which is really why we do all this stuff.

Gabe went up with my MIL to the country house Friday afternoon. I had to at a different location, so I wasn't close to home, otherwise we probably would have gone up Friday afternoon. Oscar entertained Nick until I got home and then we went out to dinner at the Blue Ridge Grill, which was were we ate the previous Friday when we went on our date. The food is excellent. Nick had a great time. We ordered him a grilled cheese sandwich, which came with french fries, and all he was asking anybody who happened along to dip his fries in ketchup so he could suck it off.


On Saturday morning, Oscar made breakfast - blueberry pancakes, bacon, and scrambled eggs. Very good. Although Nick was more interested in the blueberries. After that we got in the car and drove up to the country house, stopping to grab caffeine - Diet Dr. Pepper for him and a Venti White Mocha for me. Oscar's primary reason for going up there was to continue work on his mother's shed.

I spent most of the day inside entertaining Nick. Between the rain and all the bugs, plus the power tools, it wasn't exactly safe for him to be outside. We did go out a little bit for lunch, and to blow bubbles, which he enjoyed. Gabe ran back and forth between the shed and the house depending on his mood. My MIL had set up an old electric typewriter for him to play with, which amused them both. Gabe had fun helping Nick "type". Nick also spent a lot of time coloring and having me read stories.

Unfortunately, even with his dad's help, Oscar only got the foundation finished for the shed. We'll be going up again in two weeks to [hopefully] finish it. We'd go up next weekend, but it's Gabe's birthday. We went out for dinner at the Golden Corral (or as Gabe likes to call it the Golden Gorilla). Since there is such a large variety of food, it is easy to find plenty of things for Gabe, he of the extremely picky eaters, to eat. Nick, of course, is easy. It's hard not to eat too much, even if you try to eat healthy, at a buffet.


As soon as we were all up Sunday morning we packed and got ready to head home. We stopped in Front Royal to grocery shop, since we wouldn't have time later due to bowling. Oscar and I always get two carts, so that we can strap both boys in. Gabe, even at [almost] 4, is difficult to manage if he is not secured in a cart.

The boys were happy to get home and run around. Our house is much safer than the country house, not as many dangerous or breakable items sitting around. We put Nick down for a nap shortly after we got home, since he refused to nap on the way, and needed it before we went bowling.

We met up with our friend K. and her two boys, [almost] 5 and 9. They all had a great time. Oscar and I tried out our new bowling balls and I sucked. I didn't break 100 either game, and in fact did worse the second game than I did the first. It was very frustrating, especially since I was trying to bowl and pay attention to both boys and succeeding at nothing.


Bowling made me very self-conscious, and not just because I was doing so poorly. I've put a little weight back on, so my stomach is definitely more noticeable, plus I was wearing baggy jeans and an ill-fitting t-shirt. K., on the other hand, looked great in a short skirt and fitted t-shirt. People were definitely noticing. I've been meaning to get back to working out, and that was definitely motivation.

This morning, as a result, I got up early and restarted Slim in 6 (again), so my work out was about 25 minutes. I plan to work out again this evening, this time doing 30 Day Shred. I also have to be much more careful with what I eat. As I've shown, I quickly put weight back on when I eat poorly and don't exercise.

I know Oscar thinks I look fine, and I love that he does. The problem is, I don't think that I look fine. I also know I've put on a lot more pounds than I should have, because my skirts and pants are feeling tight. It's very frustrating. I had been doing well, and now, not so much. Hopefully I can stick to my exercise program this time.

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