Monday, July 6, 2009

Happy 4th

We spent this past weekend at my in-laws country house, which is always a mixture of stress and relaxation. I'm currently in class, so I had to do all my homework ahead of time so I wouldn't have to worry about it this weekend when I didn't have access to the Internet.

My MIL took Gabe up Thursday night. Oscar, Nick, and I stayed home so that I could finish my homework and then pack in the morning. I left work a little early to have more time with them, but when I got home they were both asleep on the bed, which was very cute and I'm sorry I didn't take a picture. Being tired myself, I laid down with them for a good hour and a half of nap.

After our nap we went out to Chili's for dinner. Their bottomless chips are fantastic, and we always get a big thing of ranch to dip them in. If you've never tried tortilla chips dipped in ranch, you should. It's so good. Nick was enjoying our undivided attention, and was in a great mood. Also, he had a long nap, so I'm sure that helped.

The next morning after Nick woke us up, we packed and headed to the country house, stopping for breakfast on the way. Nick napped on the way up and was ready to play when we got there. Gabe had already been up for hours, and he and my MIL had already gone to their garden to pick raspberries. After a quick lunch we headed to Front Royal to look at Lowe's for a storage shed for my MIL and to pick up some things Oscar and I forgot to pack at the Super Wal-Mart.

We had barbecued hot dogs for dinner, which were good. Later that evening we drove into Winchester to see their fireworks display. It was supposed to be occurring in a local park, but we parked in the movie theater parking lot to watch them. It wasn't as good as if we had been up close, but it was good enough. Nick slept through most of it, although he briefly woke up and had to be consoled and put back to sleep. Gabe loved it.

We spent most of Saturday relaxing at the house before driving out to dinner and more fireworks in the evening. Our goal was to eat at the Golden Corral, because Oscar had been craving a buffet. However, my GPS in my Quest is stupid, so we ended up at not one, but two different Pizza Huts, one of which was no longer in business. Neither of which ever looked like they had been Golden Corrals. We finally found the one in Winchester, which made Oscar happy. Both my boys loved all the choices and ate a lot.

The big fireworks display for the area was at Sherando Park. In addition to fireworks, they also had a Dave Matthews cover band, carnival booths, moon bounces, and food. We ran into Gabe's cousin R. while we were there, which please him to no end. She's 7 and he adores her. Nick was determined to not fall asleep so he also stayed up to watch the fireworks. They were really great. Both the boys loved them. I'm glad they weren't scared. Nick did get upset about not being able to run around, but he was in his PJs.

We didn't leave the parking lot until almost 11 P.M. due to the huge back up in traffic. It didn't take long for the boys to fall asleep, but we the rest of us were exhausted. Of course, the boys didn't sleep in despite being up late. Oscar and I packed and left with Nick shortly after we got up on Sunday. We needed to go grocery shopping, and get ready for the work week.

It was a really nice weekend, but I'm exhausted after spending three weekends in a row out of town. I'm looking forward to a nice weekend at home, even if it won't be relaxing.

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