Monday, June 15, 2009

Weekend Update

We had a busy weekend, which is to say, that nothing got done around the house, other than the cleaning done by my MIL.

The best part was probably going fishing. My FIL’s church sponsored a fishing trip to a local lake, and we were invited to attend. Unfortunately we were only able to stay for a couple hours, because Gabe had his last soccer practice, but it lasted all day and included a picnic, which we missed.

Gabe did so well; he caught 10 fish, with a little help from my MIL and Oscar. Nick “fished” a little bit. And also gave us death stares for confining him to his stroller for much of the time. It was for the best, since Nick plus water, was probably not a good combination.

We grabbed McDonald's for lunch and then went home so that Gabe could change for soccer. I stayed home with Nick, so that he could run around for a little bit, since he spent so much time confined. Oscar regretted bringing Gabe home for soccer practice, since only two other children showed up. He would have had a better time fishing.

Nick had a great time running around the house playing. Every so often he would come see me for a hug or a kiss, or maybe a piece of Lay's Kettle Cooked BBQ Chips (so good). He would ask for a piece by saying "tha" (that) or "bie" (bite). And of course I would give in.

He would also occasionally climb up on the couch on his own and then clap when he succeeded. Of course, he did have a little bit of help - we have a child-size chair, that usually sits next to the couch, so he would first climb on that, and then climb up on the couch. It's very cute, even if you do worry about the safety of his head.

He also managed to spray his changing table and the wall with pee as I was changing him. I had taken off his diaper, and for some inexplicable reason, instead of putting a clean diaper on him first, I decided to clean some of the snot out of his nose with a bulb syringe. Big mistake. Luckily, the only place I got sprayed was on my hand, but, the wall and changing table were a mess. Thank you, Nicholas.


After fishing we went to the Super Target in Gainesville while my MIL cleaned our townhouse. Again, I’m not so sure that’s a good idea, but she does fold laundry, and well, we would be paying a cleaning service any way, so why not pay her to do it instead… It’s just that it’s my MIL, cleaning my house…

Poor Nick was so tired; he fell asleep as soon as he finished a bottle. He briefly woke up when we got to Target, but curled into me when I got him out of the van, so I put him in one of the infant seats they have on carts, and he went right back to sleep and stayed asleep for our whole shopping trip.

When we got home, we ordered Papa John’s for dinner. Have you had their Hawaiian BBQ Chicken Pizza? So good. Especially with a little of the garlic sauce poured on top. Mmmm…


Sunday was picture day. We have been going to the Picture People for family pictures since Gabe was born. We usually do a big shoot in the summer and then do a shoot of just the boys at Christmas. This year we settled on the middle of June as a halfway point between the boys’ birthdays.

The pictures turned out great, although Nick is not as much of a ham as Gabe was at that age. Gabe would see a camera and start showing off. Nick wanted to run to the nearest acceptable person and be picked up.

In addition to the poses we normally get, we also had two *extra* poses, one of each of the boys, this photo trip. My MIL wanted a picture of Gabe in a cowboy outfit. The same outfit that she had my BIL posed in at the same age, and Oscar, so it has become a family tradition. Nick will wear the same outfit when he’s about three or four. We also did Nick’s first birthday pose in a giant *block*, which was something we had also done with Gabe for his first birthday.

We finished the trip with a late lunch at Macaroni Grill, which, unfortunately, was a disappointing meal. Our server didn’t quite get that we wanted the boys’ noodles out as soon as they were ready, despite ordering them with our drinks as soon as we sat down. They were actually the very last thing brought to our table. Plus he only checked on us once, despite regularly checking on his other tables around us. To top it off, the food wasn’t very good.

However, Gabe did enjoy it, so I guess that’s the important thing, since we usually go there for him. It’s been his favorite restaurant since he was little. Although we did briefly stop going there after the plate shattering incident (Gabe was about 18 months, and was playing with his plate, Oscar went to take it away from him, and Gabe threw it behind him). We actually have been eating out a lot less, just because it is much more challenging to do so with two children. Plus there’s the cost, and the calories.


Gabe’s has gotten very good about getting ready in the mornings. He stays in bed until his sun turns on (it’s set for 6:00 a.m.). He then needs little prodding to take off his pajamas and get dressed. This morning he did get up briefly before his sun turned on, but that’s because he needed to go to the bathroom. Afterwards he went back to bed.

It’s amazing how much he’s grown up in the last few months. He’s able to do more on his own. His vocabulary is improving and he’s much better at listening. Of course, there are still occasions where he’s very difficult, but he’s not even four. He’s still very little.

This morning he was especially eager to get ready, since his 2nd cousin, Rachel, was going to be waiting for him at Grandma’s. She’s spending the night at my MIL’s tonight, so this will be his first *sleepover*. It’s all he was talking about all weekend. I hope he has a great time, although I have nothing to worry about. He regularly sleeps over with my MIL, and he adores Rachel.


I'm working really hard to get a handle on my pictures. As I have mentioned before, I am not very good at memory keeping. We take a ton of pictures, and get them all printed, but that's usually as far as it goes. They sit in their Target envelopes, rarely opened and certainly not dated. So this weekend I signed up for Shutterfly (to make the developing at Target easier) and Flickr Pro (to make the organizing easier).

I also wrote dates on the backs of the pictures we had developed this weekend. Of course those pictures only accounted for the month of June, so far, but hey, it was progress. I also organized all the pictures I had on my computer, with the exception of those taken by my MIL. Many do not have a date or an accurate date, so I had to guess the proper year, but it's progress.

My feeling is if only I can get my pictures managed I will feel a little better about the whole not writing in their baby books and not scrap booking thing. Also, I will have this blog, where I will hopefully include important information about them. I only wish I had started it sooner, like when Gabe was a baby. Maybe my memories of that time wouldn't be so foggy.

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