Thursday, June 4, 2009

Day at the Smithsonian (and other adventures)

I have such a busy weekend planned and I'm really looking forward to it. My best friend from high school flew out to visit me, which is really cool. I'm taking the day off of work tomorrow to go to D.C. with her. I don't know why having an out-of-town guest prompts me to go sightseeing downtown, but it does. Fortunately, this will only be my second trip to the National Mall, so everything will be new and fresh. Plus, my dream was always to be a history major, and despite being a business major instead, I still love the museums.

On Saturday Gabe has soccer and we will hopefully go see Up in 3D, which I'm really looking forward too. So, I love animated movies? What's wrong with that? That's right. There's nothing wrong with that.

On Sunday, we're probably going to drive up Baltimore and hang out in the Inner Harbor. The aquarium is there, which rocks, plus all the shops and restaurants. We may even do cheesy and eat at the Hard Rock Cafe or ESPN Zone.

I really want my friend to have a good time. She went to all the effort to come out here and visit, and we really haven't hung out since high school (which has been almost ten years) and now instead of being teenagers, we're adults. So yeah, I'm a little nervous. I picked her up at the airport this morning and all I talked about were my kids. How pathetic is that? I'm so boring I have nothing else to talk about but my children.


I had such good ideas for this post. In the car this morning I had this witty and entertaining post in my head, and when I get to work? Totally lost it. It's like work sucks all the creativity from my brain. Or maybe it's the aliens at Hulu.

Speaking of aliens, have you seen the ad for Planet 51? Totally cute. Yes, the title is cheesy, since it's about a planet of aliens and an Earthling who lands on the planet and it's all animated. But I totally want to see it (see childish excitement at the prospect of seeing Up above). Cheesy animated movies? I'm there. Also, ridiculously predictable romantic comedies? Also, there. Weepy, chick flicks? Count me in. Cheesy horror flicks? Um, I think I'll just pass. Unless there are zombies. For some reason, I've seen a lot of zombie movies.


Last night Nick had gym class where they practiced the skills they will show off for their last class of the session next week. We practiced forward rolls on the balance beam, and then forward rolls down a wedge followed by backward rolls on a hot dog thingy. Nick didn't mind doing the rolls, and in fact wanted to do them a couple of times, but most of the other activities were not interesting. Although, he does always like the balls and bubbles.

He was most fascinated by one of the bouncy platforms they have. The biggest one was pushed facing the window and he kept wanting to go over there and bounce on it. At one point another little boy was climbing on it and Nick walked up to him, took his hand and led him back to the big red mat. Then Nick went back and started trying to bounce on it again. It made me giggle. He was so sly about it. All friendly to the other little boy and then when his back was turned he left him. I laughed, even if it wasn't the nicest thing.

However, even though going to Nick's class was enjoyable. I was still a little sad. You see, this was supposed to be my week to stay home with Gabe, which I was really looking forward to. I get so little alone time with him that the nights where I get to stay home with him are precious. I had recently ordered him a copy of the Giving Tree which had arrived the day before and was sitting in the SUV, and I was excited because I was really looking forward to reading it to him.

Instead, I was informed when I got home from work, that Gabe wanted Daddy to stay home with him instead. And that really hurt. Because I was really looking forward to it. Shortly after that, Oscar told Gabe about the book I had bought for us to read together, so then he said he wanted me to stay home. But not really. He wanted Daddy, and I wasn't going to stay home with him when I wasn't who he really wanted to spend time with.

Maybe I should have just accepted it at face value. He was interested in the book, and I should have accepted that was all I was going to get. But I guess I wanted more. I guess I wanted him to want to stay home to be with me, not to hear me read a story. Plus, I had already changed and gotten ready to go. So I said no, I was taking Nick. And he accepted that. And later reiterated that he wanted Daddy to stay home with him.

And that really, really hurt.

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