Monday, June 22, 2009

Missing Seattle

I miss Seattle. Or rather the greater Seattle area where I grew up. I miss the water and the trees. I miss the rain and the coffee. I miss the islands and the ferry. I miss downtown and the suburbs. I miss the fairs and my favorite restaurants. I miss my family and friends. I just miss it, y'know?

When I left after high school, and joined the Army, there were so many things I was running from. The least of which were the college loans I didn't want. I could have gone to college, I was accepted to the University of Washington. I could have gone and majored in history and then taught at a local high school. But I needed to leave.

I know I will never go back, except to visit. My husband is from Northern VA. His family is here. Our jobs are here. Our boys are making friends here. We both have jobs here. I have a life here. It just doesn't stop me from missing the area where I grew up. I doesn't stop me from missing the places I went as a child and wishing I could share those places with my own children.

I guess it's harder now that I have children, because I see Oscar's joy in sharing placing he went as a child with our children and I wish I could do the same. I would love to take them to the Seattle Center, and to Pike's Place Market, and the visitor center on Mt. Rainier. I want to take them to Port Angeles and explore Whitby Island. I want to show them where I went to school. Where I lived. I want them to get to know my family.

I always meant to go back. When I was done with the Army. I meant to go back and get my degree and teach or maybe just work for one of the big companies out there. And then I fell in love to someone who was from Northern VA. And then I got pregnant. So we stayed. And will never leave. Because now our babies have roots here and I want them to be happy.

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