Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Random Topics

I decided that I needed to clean out my purse this morning, as I can never find stuff when I need it and discovered these exciting contents:

  • Wallet
  • Lots of old receipts for doctor’s visits, restaurant meals, cafeteria food purchases, withdrawals, and gas.
  • A metro pass from last Friday.
  • Coupons for favorite Chinese restaurant
  • Appointment cards
  • Phone numbers for people who can do property perks
  • Ticket Stubs
  • Stickers (Bob the Builder and Superman)
  • A neon yellow bouncy ball
  • Bill for concussion-related hospital visit
  • Lock of hair from Nick’s first haircut
  • Notes from a therapy session
  • Make-up bag discretely containing monthly necessities
  • Sunglasses
  • Notebook w/matching pencil
  • Pen
  • Hairbrush
  • Small black claw clip
  • Black hair elastic
  • Silver barrette
  • Purell hand sanitizer
  • Travel size Bath and Body Works hand lotion in Sweat Pea
  • Tylenol GoTabs
  • Tylenol Extra Strength
  • Tums (leftover from pregnancy-induced heartburn, still good)
  • Tylenol Cold and Sinus
  • Tide ToGo Mini
  • Two mirrors
  • Bandaids
  • Individual alchohol packets
  • Cough Drops
  • Tweezers
  • Travel container of Estee Lauder Beyond Paradise perfume
  • Travel container of Victoria Secrets Pink perfume
  • Tube of Blistex (SPF 15)
  • Tube of Softlips in Strawberry (SPF 20)
  • Tube of CO Bigelow Lip Formula (SPF 15)
  • Container of Pumpkin Spice Lip Balm
  • Tube of Lancome Jucy Tubes lip gloss in Hallucination
  • Tube of generic Target-purchased lip gloss in Pumpkin Pie Paradise (bonus: lip plumper formula)
  • Tube of Hard Candy Sweet Spot lip gloss in Bohemian (sparkly!)
  • Tube of Smashbox lip gloss in pink
  • Lancome lipstick in Trendy Mauve
  • Neutrogena lip sheers in Ruby Bliss
  • Car keys

And no, that does not include the contents of my wallet. Does it help if I mention it is all housed in a very pretty, large, Coach Patchwork Purse?

The worst part is that on most days I don’t even wear lipstick, because I love to kiss my boys and don’t like to get lipstick on them. Also, I have a fascination with lip balms with SPF.

Unfortunately, most of the items went back in my purse, with the exception of old receipts, coupons, metro pass, and old appointment cards. And I still did not find the appointment card I was looking for, which was for Nick’s next appointment, so I guess I will have to call our pediatrician’s office to find out when his 15 month check up is actually scheduled.


I can’t believe Nick is almost 15 months. It still feels so fresh. His birth, and the past year. How many changes he’s gone through, how many things he has learned. And yet I know time will continue to speed by me. In August, Gabe will be 4. And next fall he will start kindergarten and aaaaah! I’m not ready. I’m not ready for my babies to grow up.


I recently finished reading two books. One was Jinx by Jennifer Estep, which is the third book in her superhero series. While it was fairly enjoyable, it was also very cheesy. The concept of the series is that these are superhero romance novels. The characters are clich├ęs, and the superhero names are sometimes silly. However, it was a light read, and easy to finish while I was feeding Nick at nite (hehe… Nick at nite). Plus I have a fascination with superheroes.

I also finished reading Firefly Lane by Kristen Hanna, which I enjoyed immensely. While the character development was not as detailed as I would have liked, and some parts of Kate and Tully’s history was given too quickly, their story of friendship over 30 years was very compelling. I could relate more to Kate personally, as a mother, but I envied Tully’s drive and ambition. The ending made me cry. As did the relationship Kate had with her children. It’s a beautiful story, but skip it if you like happy endings and have distaste for forced emotions. I also loved that it was set in the Seattle area. I’m always nostalgic for the area where I grew up.

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