Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Weekend Plans

So this past weekend we went up to the country house. And it's never something I really look forward too. The house is a pre-fab that is over 20-years-old. The bed that I use to sleep in is harder than a rock. Seriously, a bed-size rock, might very well be more comfortable. And yet, the boys love it. All three of them. They love the change of scenery. And the woods. And the undivided attention of their parents and Grandma.

I mean there are nice things. Like a great ice cream place. And slipping away to catch a movie in a small-town theater. It's a slower pace, and it's certainly one I wouldn't mind living, provided it contained a more comfortable bed. That's actually the plan. Oscar wants to either build a new house or buy a new pre-fab to place on the property so that it will be a more comfortable place to visit.

It was a shame that it rained so much, the boys didn't get much of a chance to play outside. Although there was enough of a break that Oscar and Gabe were able to build a new bridge to go across the creek, and also to take the bridge down to the creek and put it in place. Gabe adored that. He really loves going up to the country house.

Oscar and I managed to go see a movie at a tiny theater in Woodstock that used to only have two screens, but recently added a third. It was fun, especially since we so rarely get to go on dates. We stopped at the little ice cream shack in Strasburg before the movie. It has fantastic soft-serve. I had a sundae topped with blueberries and cheesecake - so good.

The movie we saw was The Hangover, which was very funny. Although, I did not like the scenes with the baby. I suppose they were amusing, in a cringe-worthy sort of way. Next month we're going to see Harry Potter, which I'm really looking forward too.

We actually went out to eat for Oscar's Father's Day on Saturday. We had a very nice lunch at Red Lobster in Winchester. Gabe didn't eat much, but Nick ate a little of pretty much everything. He was also fascinated with the cute blonde waitress, who did a great job. That's my boy, already fascinate by girls at the ripe old age of 1.

We went over to my in-law's house for dinner on Father's Day. My FIL wanted Chinese, so we ordered from our favorite Chinese restaurant and ate it at their house. Unfortunately I misplaced all the Father's Day cards, so my FIL and Oscar got their cards on Monday instead. Oh well, it's the thought that counts right?

We plan to go to the country house for the 4th of July, which should be fun. We will probably go to a small-town celebration, and those are always the best. I went to one in a small town in upstate New York one year, and it was great. The fireworks display wasn't the best I've seen, but it was fun, and the town was cute, and we could go out on the water to watch it. I've also seen fireworks on the beach in Ocean City, from a hotel room in downtown Seattle, and on an Army base in South Korea. Those are some of the more interesting places.


This weekend we're going to the beach with some friends. While I do love going to the beach, I remember going fondly as a single adult with friends. I'm a little concerned about the logistics of going with small children, friends who also have small children, and my in-laws. Not sure how much fun this will be. Especially since I will probably spend a lot of time in the hotel room with Nick, who will still need naps.

Oscar says I worry too much, and that's probably true. I'm worried about the drive up there. I'm worried about having to go into work first and not being there to make sure everything is ready for the boys. I'm worried about being at the beach with another couple and their children. I'm worried about ensuring the boys stay covered in sunscreen. I'm worried about ensuring that I pack for every possible situation. I'm worried about making sure I get all my homework done. I'm just worried.

I keep hoping that perhaps that by worrying so much ahead of time, I will be prepared for this weekend, and actually have a great time. I hope that's true. I really would like this to be an enjoyable vacation.

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