Monday, January 12, 2009

Sesame Beginnings

Oscar and I are starting to plan Nick's first birthday party, and it just makes me think how fast this past year has gone. How can he be almost one? I was just pregnant. And yet, I'm not and he's growing and learning and changing... It makes me sad sometimes. Especially since I'm not the type of person who can capture it in baby books and scrap books. Mostly it's in my head or in pictures, none of which have made it into a picture book. Also, whenever I reflect on the past year I hear the song Seasons of Love from Rent in my head, which really is fitting.

I originally wanted to do Baby Einstein as the theme and had researched how to make the Caterpillar into a cake. I found some great ones here. However, after talking it over with Oscar and taking into account Nick's fondness for Elmo, we have decided to do a Sesame Beginnings theme. We're going to purchase the main cake from Costco, which makes excellent cakes, BTW. Nick's smash cake will be homemade and made to look like Elmo - I can't wait to see him dive into an Elmo cake.

The party is going to take place at the Little Gym. Since we plan to invite children of varying ages, we decided to not attempt a party at home since our home isn't particularly large and spring weather is unpredictable. Nick starts classes the week after next and we hope to invite a couple of the babies that are in class with him. We didn't start going until after Gabe turned one, so I didn't have that option for him. I know birthday parties for babies are supposed to small, but I also want it to be memorable and for Gabeto have a good time.

Birthday parties were always so important when I was growing up and I want them to be important to my children. I want them to have good memories not about the gifts, but about the event. The celebration of their birth and how important they are to their family. Oscar and I both feel so lucky to have them and want to ensure that they have wonderful memories of their childhood.

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