Thursday, January 22, 2009

Feel the Burn

Yesterday, Nick started his first gym class and he loved it! He was the youngest baby there, being 4 days shy of 10-months, so I wasn't concerned that he was one of only two or three that were not yet walking. The age range for the class is 10 to 19 months, so there can be a huge difference in skills. One of the little girls in his class, who is only 11 months, has been walking since 9 months, and she is TINY, much smaller than Nick. She looked so cute toddling around, although it just doesn't seem possible for a baby that tiny to be walking.

Nick loved that he had so much space to crawl and so many things to climb. He especially liked hanging from the bar and working on his upper-body strength (with Mommy holding onto his bottom) as we played peek-a-boo with the bar. He did very well maintaining his grip on the bar. Overall, I think his favorite activity was crawling around on the parachute. He loved being pulled around in a circle and bounced up and down.

The only thing he really wasn't interested in doing was walking. In the warm-up we were supposed to assist our children in walking, if they were not doing it on their own yet. Nick refused to participate and instead just crawled for the warm-up. He did like the clapping part and the pounding of the mat. Also the bells, he was very mad that he had to give the bell back.

And poor Gabe... He insisted on coming with Nick to class, which meant Oscar came too, not understanding that he wouldn't be allowed in the gym to play. Not understanding that it was just or Nick, not for him and Nick. I felt bad for him, although we did try to explain and convince him that he would have more fun at home with Daddy. Luckily he has his sports skills class tomorrow afternoon and his regular gym class Saturday morning.


I'm doing fairly well with my own workout time. I'm managing to be consistent - 5 days a week for about an hour. Although this is only my third week of even having a workout routine. Tonight I did 30 Day Shred and Jillian's weight training portion on the Biggest Loser Power Sculpt. I am also staying within my calorie goal on TheDailyPlate. That site is really useful, even without paying to upgrade to gold. I should be able to easily meet the goal weight I set for Nick's first birthday.

There are so many nights that I just want to skip working out, but I remind myself that not only is it important for losing weight and getting toned, it's also important for my health. I also remind myself that if I work really hard M-F, that I can take it easy on the weekends. Tomorrow night I do another iFit workout and then 30 Day Shred again. I'm on day 10 of Shred. I don't do it everyday, so on Monday I will finally start Level 2.

Working hard during the week also gives me more time on the weekends to tackle my statistics homework. This class is making my head hurt. The amount of work required and formulas to understand makes me feel like I'm going cross-eyed. I'm about half-way through the class and then I have a short break before I start my next class - a non-math management course. Thank goodness! I am convinced that should never pursue any profession that involves math. I'm too stubborn not to do well in the course, but it is taking much more time and energy then I usually devote to my studies.

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