Saturday, January 17, 2009

Pancakes with a Strawberry on Top

Today was Gabe's last gym class of fall session. Although, his next class starts next Saturday, today they put on a big show to show off all the skills and routines that they have been working on through out the fall session. This is Gabe's first non-parent/child class and he's doing really well, but it was nice to able to go inside the gym and see close-up what he has been learning.

However, before the show we picked up Oscar's parents, so that they could see the show as well, and went to IHOP as a special treat for breakfast. It was a long morning, as both Oscar and I were exhausted because neither of the boys had slept well last night. Plus, Gabe's class starts at 10 a.m., which meant we had to pick up Oscar's parents by 8 a.m. so that we would have enough time to eat breakfast before the show. Plus, I wanted coffee from Starbucks.

I was happy, IHOP still had their pumpkin pancake special, and I love just about anything pumpkin flavored. I also had Starbucks, so all was good. The show was very cute. They had even practiced an entrance that involved running into the room jumping on a spring board and then doing a forward roll down a wedge before standing at the front of the room on a dot. Gabe had a bit of a hard time listening, but I think it was because so many people were in the room. He did very well on the skills they were exhibiting.

Nick was ready to go. As soon as you put him on the floor he would take off. He was eager to explore. Luckily his first class starts this coming Wednesday. It's for 10-19 months, which is the age range we started Gabe. Although Gabe had just turned one, and Nick will be a few days shy of 10 months. It's an evening class, so Wednesdays will be rushed for me. I will get off work at 4, come home and grab something to eat and then rush Nick to his class at 5:30. However, it is worth it, and I know he will enjoy it.

Well, I suppose I should go. I have so much homework to do, and I really want to watch last night's episode of Psych.

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