Thursday, December 18, 2008

Morning Observations

5:55 Gabe wakes up and calls for Daddy, who is already at work. After getting no response he then calls for Mommy. Mommy is in bed with Nick, who she brought in with her when he woke up at 3:30. Mommy carefully moves Nick to the middle of the bed and surrounds him with pillows before going to check on Gabe. Gabe wants her to sleep on the floor with him. Mommy says no, she is going back to her bed, since she has to get up soon to get ready for work, tells him it's too early to get up, gives him a kiss and goes back to bed.

6:00 Mommy's alarm goes off. Mommy hits the snooze button.

6:05 Gabe calls for mommy again. Mommy turns off her alarm (clock, not preschooler) and goes to see what Gabe needs. Again he asks her to sleep with him. Mommy tells him she can't, she has to go get ready for work, but please go back to sleep, it's too early for you to be up.

6:10 Mommy brushes her teeth, and rinses with mouth wash.

6:15 Gabe comes into the bedroom. Mommy gives up hope that he will sleep or even rest any longer and turns on Playhouse Disney. Usually the TV does not get turned on until 6:30, when Johnny and the Sprites comes on.

6:16 Nick tries to attack Daddy's laptop, which is sitting on the floor.

6:20 Nick tries again to attack Daddy's laptop. Mommy goes to get him. Realizes he has a smelly diaper, so she changes him and gets him dressed.

6:25 Returns to bedroom to try and get ready. Gabe hops up and tries to launch himself at her, so Mommy gives him a hug and then decides to dress him too.

6:30 Mommy finally gets dressed

6:35 Mommy removes Nick from Daddy's laptop yet again (why is that darn thing still down there?)

6:40 Mommy realizes that doing anything "fancy" with her hair is not happening and pulls it back into a ponytail.

6:45 Mommy picks up Nick and takes him downstairs with her while she turns on her coffee and brings her lunch and the boys bags (Nick's diaper bag and Gabe's Handy Manny back pack) to the car. Mommy turns on the car so it will be warm when they leave.

6:50 Mommy takes Nick back upstairs and brings Gabe his banana.

6:55 Mommy finally has on some makeup (concealer and mascara) and puts Nick in car seat.

7:00 Mommy, Gabe, and Nick go downstairs. Mommy pours her coffee and everybody goes out to the car. Gabe gets his shoes and the Christmas lights get turned off.

7:05 Mommy pulls out of the driveway. Gabe asks Mommy (as he does EVERY morning) why we turned the Christmas lights off. Mommy replies because it is morning. Gabe then states that its still dark out. Mommy replies that we have to leave when its dark out, so we unplug the lights before we leave since we will not be home when its light out. Gabe then states that those people over there (pointing to whichever random house with lights we happen to be passing) still have their lights on. To which Mommy replies, well they are probably still sleeping (which is what Mommy still really wishes she was doing).

7:08 Drive by "Secret Squirrel Road" (nickname Mommy gave an alternate route to Grandma's and really wishes she hadn't) and have Gabe ask why can't we go that way. To which Mommy replies we are leaving early enough that the normal way will be quicker (the normal route is a shorter distance, however if you don't leave at the right time, it gets backed up and takes much longer than the alternate route).

7:10 Drive by local farm. Gabe asks why we can't see the lights on the windmill (which are faint and can only be seen when it is really dark). Mommy replies because it is getting light out. Gabe then points out that he can see all the other lights at the farm (which is decorated to the nines).

7:15 Arrive at Grandma's (a.k.a. Mommy's MIL) and drop off Nick while Grandma gives Gabe some juice and feeds him some apples.

7:20 Arrive at Gabe's preschool. Drop all his stuff off in his classroom and get his cheerios and and water cup out of his bag. Also his snack, which Mommy leaves at the front of his cubby and reminds him that he has. Mommy has Gabe help her fill up his water cup and then they go in the "eating room", which is what Gabe calls the room where his age groups sits if they arrive before 8.

7:25 Mommy kisses Gabe goodbye and drives to work.

7:32 Mommy arrives at work - is it time to go home yet?

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