Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Progress Report

My three-year-old:
  • Is understandable when he speaks 95% of the time.
  • Uses long phrases when speaking
  • Can count to ten, and often to 20
  • Recognizes most of his letters when asked
  • Can identify the letters that words start with, even when looking at just a picture (such as a cat)
  • Knows all of his colors
  • Knows all of his basic shapes, as well as octagon (thank you Mickey Mouse Club House)
  • Likes animals, particularly monkeys and cats (but not kittens)
  • Likes cooking, especially when the result is something sweet, such as cookies
  • Likes building, either with blocks or "helping" with tools
  • Likes playing doctor, and really likes wearing band aids
  • Likes to play with play doh - particularly his Word World set that can smells fruity and comes with shape molds
  • Likes to put together puzzles and is pretty good at the large 30 piece puzzles
  • Likes to play games - the Cranium games for young children are a favorite
  • Loves to read, although he is not able to actually read whole words yet
  • Is a very picky eater (meals usually consist some combination of peanut butter either plain or on a bread, macaroni and cheese, plain whole wheat spaghetti noodles, cheerios, animal crackers, corn tortilla chips, plain hamburger without the bun, french fries, pepperoni pizza, bananas, strawberries, grapes, apples, orange juice, chocolate milk, apple juice)

My 8-month-old (okay 8 months, 3 weeks):

  • Can sit up (6 months)
  • Crawl (6 months, 1 week)
  • Pull himself to standing (6 months, 1 week)
  • Says something that sounds like hi (6 months, 3 weeks)
  • Says Dada (7 months)
  • Says Mama (7 months 2 weeks)
  • Clap (8 months, 2 weeks)
  • Wave (8 months, 2 weeks)
  • Loves to cuddle
  • Loves to "attack" his older brother (usually involves hair-pulling)
  • Likes red, particularly red furry things, such as Elmo
  • Likes Giraffes
  • Likes books, particularly touch and feel books
  • Is fascinated by electric cords, particularly those attached to laptops
  • Will eat anything (he has tried to eat pizza, hamburger meat, and pancakes - all courtesy of his big brother who abandoned them within his reach)
  • Still has no teeth

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