Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Watching You

The relationship that is developing between my boys, is the reason I always wanted to have more than one child. They adore each other.

Nick just lights up when he hears Gabe or when he notices that Gabe has entered the room. He will immediately crawl over to Gabe and try to attack him, although I think he is trying to give him a hug and then engage him in play, but he's only eight and a half months old, and well, still working on his fine motor skills.

So it really just ends up being him lunging at Gabe and grabbing whatever he can - usually hair. And then giggling, because he's so pleased to be playing with Gabe.

However, one of the cutest or saddest, depending upon how you look at it, displays of his adoration of Gabe are when he is staring at Gabe playing in his playroom.

Originally the playroom was a place to keep Gabe, and his stuff, contained, even for a moment. Gabe quickly learned how to open the doors to the playroom, so that didn't last long. However, it is now a place to contain Gabe's toys, many of which would be hazardous to a baby.

Nick, however, desperately wants to be in the playroom playing with Gabe, and loves to watch him play.

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