Wednesday, May 20, 2009

It's Been a Hard Day's Night

I'd like to know what could possibly possess a manufacturer of children's toys to create:

1) a fabric toy that plays a nice recording of classical music (as in not washable) and
2) not provide anyway to for parents to change the batteries when the music starts sound like a screechy violin; because inevitably that will become a child's FAVORITE music toy and well, you can't change the stupid batteries.

We have this collection of toys at home from the Disney Store's Little Einstein collection. They're really cute, all shaped liked musical instruments and they play clips of music that actually sound like they were played by the real instrument. And there is no way to change the batteries or clean them well. How stupid is that? Of course I'm the stupid parent who made the mistake of buying it in the first place.Nick's favorite is the trumpet. This morning he was so cute with it. I was making the bed and he brought it to me and indicated he wanted me to make it play. Then he lifted his arms up to indicate he wanted to be picked up. I picked him up and proceeded to dance with him. He loved it! He kept wanting me to do it again and again. Poor trumpet though, you can hear the tinny sounds of the little music box inside dying and we can do nothing.


I am so tired this morning. Last night Oscar and I got in a stupid fight at like 9:30, right after we turned off the lights, and so we were up until 10 arguing because the stubborn man refused to apologize for a comment that I found insulting and I refused to stop talking until he did so. Of course, he refused to apologize, claiming that by saying that he didn't mean the comment the way I took it was his apology, so I ended up huffing off and going to sleep in the rocking chair in Nick's room. A place I spent many a nights when I was nursing.

I finally came to bed around 1 and about 1:30 or so Nick decided that he needed to get up. And not go back to sleep for like two hours. The poor baby has an ear infection, we got him antibiotics on Monday, and he is really having a hard time with it. Before he got his current cold, a couple weeks ago, he was starting to sleep mostly or completely through the night.

And I was beginning to remember what it was like to sleep for more than two hours at a time.

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