Friday, May 22, 2009

Head Hurts

So yesterday was not a good day for the Cookie family. Both my boys managed to get minor head injuries, and if I didn't feel so bad for them, it would be comical.

Gabe's happened first. He had been downstairs with Oscar when he started doing what appeared to be the peepee dance. So Oscar sent him upstairs to go to the bathroom. He, instead, chose to run into his playroom. Being a diligent parent I went to retrieve him from said playroom.

I started off by asking him to try and go potty.

I then demanded that he go potty (I know demanding with a preschooler, what was I thinking).

I then started counting to five for him to listen and do what he had been asked to do.

When I got to five I went to reach for his hand to lead him to the bathroom.

He ran further into his playroom.

So I walked into his playroom and picked him up to take him to the bathroom. He started squirming and flailing and hitting and kicking and I lost my grip and dropped him. I screamed as he fell cause I could see him landing badly and instantly knelt down to pick him up. Oscar came bolting up the stairs to scoop him up and took him from me.

I admit that irritated me quite a bit. I mean he sends Gabe up to go potty, knowing that's a controversial issue with Gabe and me trying to enforce it (no thanks to him) is a challenge and then decides that my attempts to get him to go to the bathroom were yelling because he could hear me downstairs, and that I handled it wrong (even though he does the same things). He wouldn't even let me see Gabe.

He got called a few things I won't mention here.

Then I went into the kitchen to start fixing the boys dinner and getting my coffee together for today. I went to put the milk back in the fridge and knocked my water bottle off the shelf. It proceeded to crash to floor and the lid flew off emptying water everywhere. Nick's fridgedar goes off and he instantly comes bolting for the fridge and slips in the water falling backwards before I can stop him. He starts crying and Oscar runs downstairs and takes him from me for comforting. What an evening!

Any way. Both boys are fine. Gabe has a little bump/rug burn on his forehead and Nick is no worse for the wear.

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