Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Tooth of it All

Nick will be eight-months-old on Monday, and still has no teeth. He has a few places where I think a tooth could pop through at any time, but he still remains toothless. I actually thought he was going to get teeth early when he started the excessive drooling at four-months, but that was not the case. He was just going to drool rather than adding teeth.

Not that he doesn't want teeth. He is quite determined to chew anything he can, especially if it happens to be food belonging to his older brother left within his reach (a few weeks ago he actually managed to rip a large chunk of hamburger off Gabe's plain meat patty, I discovered him with one hand on the chair and the other hand holding the meat, he was quite pleased with himself). Most of the time Gabe is more than happy to oblige him. Many is the time that Pigpen or I have found Nick with his hands on Gabriel's chair with his mouth open like a baby bird, while Gabe feeds him cheerios.

I am not exactly looking forward to his first tooth finally popping through, as I have never been bitten while nursing, and I am not sure it will be a pleasant experience. Gabe and I mutually decided to stop nursing at six-months, shortly before he got his first tooth, although he was mostly bottle fed by that point any ways. Nick is still breastfed, and also likes it for comforting, which I'm sure I shouldn't be doing, but I really don't like him to be crying in the middle of the night.

Last night he woke up around 9:45 p.m., which was about three hours after his last feeding, so I decided to bring him into the bedroom while Pigpen and I attempted to finish watching Bones (does anybody else heart that show as much as I do?), which was a particularly compelling case involving a murder on an airplane that had to be solved before the plane landed in China. Conveniently Booth and Brennan were on board to solve the case. However, Nick really didn't want to eat and the noise from the TV was a huge distraction in getting him to go back to sleep, and his gums were hurting him. We finally gave up on watching Bones (take two tonight) and Pigpen curled him up against his chest and patted his back until finally he was able to sleep again.

So, really, I'm thinking any day now for at least one tooth.

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