Thursday, November 20, 2008


Gabe doesn't need to go to preschool. My MIL watches him full-time and provides plenty of educational experiences for him, as well as plenty of playtime. However, Oscar and I felt that he need to start getting used to being with other kids, learning in a more formal environment, and listening to someone who was not named Mommy, Daddy, or Grandma. We enrolled him for two half-days in a preschool that is close to my office, but have not been overly impressed, although the cost is quite reasonable.

In fact, there are many things that have frustrated me to include the large class size, rotating assistant teacher, lack of materials (such as only one computer for twenty students), and reports that he often does not eat get to eat his snack or goes outside without proper gear, despite having it in his cubby. We also don't like the fact that he comes home with way too many random pictures (coloring being the default activity when a child is not participating in an activity) even though all or all but one of the boxes are checked on his daily sheet.

Earlier this week we toured a facility that is next door to Gabe's current preschool, and, in fact, is attended by a friend of his. Her mother raves about the school, and I am very impressed both with the curriculum and the facilities, but also the very small class sizes (1:8 for his age group). I could go on and on about the absolutely adorable marketplace they have that can be used for any number of skills. Plus all food is provided, to include some very nice practically gourmet lunches. However, it is a lot more expensive than his current school - more than double - and half days are not an option, well, they are, but you still have to pay the same price regardless.

Oscar and I don't see the point in keeping Gabe in a school where we feel are money is wasted, but we can't quite justify the cost of the new school when we are trying to cut cost regardless of how wonderful it is. I am trying to decide if it is best to keep him in his current school and switch him next fall, take him out and enroll in the new school next fall, or enroll in the new school after Christmas.

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