Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Party Animal

On Saturday we celebrated Nick's 1st birthday with a party at The Little Gym. It was a really nice party. The staff on hand for the party did a great job decorating and facilitating the activities. The theme, as you know, was Sesame Beginnings, which seemed to please Nick. Except for the hat. He really didn't like the hat that went with the decorations.

What are you looking at?

All of Gabe's friends showed up, so that was great. He had a wonderful time, which helped take away some of the issues with the party being for Nick. The best part was the moon bounce, as it was at Gabe's party last year. Nick was excited to join in on everything too. It was cute, when we played with the bean bags he climbed into the bin and tried to claim them all.

The Elmo cake that my MIL made was wonderful. She did such a great job. Nick LOVED it. We served cake from Costco to everybody else (after all, who would want to eat cake a baby dived their hands into?). I think Nick preferred the pizza to the cake. He really likes pizza. Especially when we offer him a whole slice. He hates to be left out of anything.

I'm so glad the party went well. Nick got a lot of nice toys (the Playskool Busy Basic Ball Popper is a favorite with both boys). Now we need to start planning Gabe's party. He wants a bowling party, which I think is really cool. We'll probably invite the same small group of people and have a great time at it.

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