Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Happy Birthday, Nick

Today is Nick's 1st birthday. And while I am saddened by how fast the past year has gone, I am excited that he has reached this milestone. I watch him toddle along with his newly acquired ability to walk and I think back to my new baby who couldn't go anywhere. He's so excited to be able to walk, and yet I miss the wonder that was rolling and crawling and standing. He's growing up so quickly.

We had a party at my in-laws tonight, which was nice. My MIL and Gabe made Nick a little cake with blue-green frosting and then cupcakes for everybody else. We have a nice picture of Nick diving his hands into the frosting, but ultimately becoming bored with being sticky. And of course we had Chinese food for dinner, which is very common for birthday meals. Our favorite place is right up the street from my in-laws.

Tomorrow Nick will have his one-year check up and this weekend he will have his party. Oscar and I finished all the gift bags last weekend, as well as ordered the balloons, so all we should have to do is pick up the balloons and cake and bring everything to the party. The Sesame Beginnings theme is very cute, and certainly more appropriate for Nick than my original choice. I hope he has a good time at his party. After all, you only celebrate your 1st birthday once.

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