Friday, February 27, 2009

Now If Only He Would Change Himself

Nick has become very adept at point at things he wants or wants to see. He also is able the say there or that (more like de and da, but we know what he means). So I was very amused this morning when he woke up to have him point to his changing table and say de as soon as I picked him up. He didn't fuss the entire time that he was being changed and as soon as I had taken off the wet diaper and wiped him down his mood was instantly playful. Then again, Nick has never liked having a wet or messy diaper, so it really shouldn't come as a surprise that he would tell me he wanted to be changed.

Nick still does not have his two front teeth, despite the pain they have been causing him and the fact that you can feel the ridges right above his gums. He really is taking his sweet time getting his teeth. Eleven months and still only two teeth. However, I do think he will be walking soon. He is a champ at standing on his own, and is a speed demon when given a cart to walk with, so it is really just a matter of confidence. Although he might very well skip walking and go straight to running just so he can keep up with Gabe. His gym class instructor is amazed at how well he can stand and bend and stand back up without falling over. Nick really enjoys gym class and loves to participate in everything.

Gabe is also really enjoying his sports class. It seems to be a much better fit for him than his gym class was. So I'm glad we made the decision to sign him up and keep that class over the gym class. Hopefully the team sports and the skills will help him when he starts soccer again this spring. Plus he'll be older and Oscar will be coaching. I think all three combined will help make soccer a better experience for him this time around. I really want both my boys to play sports and enjoy it, even though that was never something that I liked or was good at.

I am doing better with my workouts in the morning. Nick has been sleeping better, and while it is hard to feel motivated at four in the morning, I figure that since I'm already awake I might as well go work out and be done with it for the day. I have one more week of both level 1 of my iFit workouts and level 3 of 30 Day Shred. The following week I move up to level 2 of my iFit workouts, which will now be 30-45 minutes and Jillian Michaels' No More Trouble Zones, which is a 45-minute workout. So I will alternate between the two. Hopefully I can continue to tone, my stomach is still a big problem area.

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